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Donation puts Alexandria Police Chief back on firm financial footing

By Ashley Finethy

Police Chief Donald Sullivan seems to be in full recovery after several surgeries this past spring to remove a cancerous tumor from his brain, but though he is back to work on light duty and feeling great, his finances have still been a major concern.

With the help of community members and police departments in New Hampshire such as Northfield, who held a pancake breakfast, and Alexandria, who held a spaghetti dinner, he has been able to catch up on some of his bills.

On June 28, Gylene Salmon of the New Hampshire Police, Fire, & EMS Foundation presented Sullivan with a check for $500 to help ease some of his financial burden.

“We will be giving him a $500 check, and he will receive two more for the next two months,” said Salmon.  “so he will receive $1,500 in the next three months.”

Sullivan is beginning to feel some relief from his financial burden, and with the communities help and support, he is able to catch up on his mortgage payments.

“This is huge,” said Sullivan.  “with the benefit breakfast, the spaghetti supper, and now this, I will be caught up on my mortgage payment.  This is just a huge relief.”

While Sullivan was in the hospital for his surgeries, the bank could have started the foreclosure process on his house, leaving him and his two sons with nowhere to live.

“It ‘s a 90 day window, and I hit day 90 when I was in the hospital,” said Sullivan.  “I was in no condition to be able to call and work with them, but luckily, they didn’t start the process, and I was able to get it straightened out.”

The New Hampshire Police, Fire, & EMS Foundation is there “to be a resource for the needs of Police, Fire, and EMS personnel and their families in dealing with crisis or catastrophes  not covered by insurance or employing agencies, and/or workers compensation.”

In the interest of helping people, the New Hampshire Police, Fire, & EMS Foundation was founded in 2006, and to date has given more than $45,000.00 to those in need.

“We have been able to help a lot of people throughout the state; Police, Fire, and medical responders.” said Salmon.

(Taken from the Plymouth Record Enterprise July 5, 2012)