President’s Message

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I had the honor and privilege to serve as President of the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police (2006-2007).

The New Hampshire Police, Fire & EMS Foundation was established as a qualified 501(c)3 charitable organization. The Foundation’s Board of Directors is made up of citizens, judge, police chiefs, fire chiefs and emergency medical technicians. Each Board member serves as an unpaid volunteer allowing 100% of funds raised to be dedicated to supporting the Foundation’s mission statement.

The New Hampshire Police, Fire & EMS Foundation’s goal is to provide financial aid and assistance quickly, efficiently and effectively to first responders in need.

Mission Statement
“To be a resource for the needs of Police, Fire and EMS personnel and their families in dealing with crisis or catastrophes not covered by insurance or employing agencies, and or workers compensation funds.”
To date the Foundation has provided financial assistance to first responders and their families in the amount of more than $170,000. Some examples of Foundation Assistance:
• Medical, or other necessary equipment not covered by insurance.
• Housing assistance needed due to home fires.
• Non-covered expenses relating to critical illness or injury.
• Legal fees for a child under 18 after the death of a parent.
• Assistance with funeral expenses.
• Lodging/travel assistance for out of town family members relating to medical treatment and other emergencies.
Case Examples
• The Foundation assisted in paying for the purchase and installation of an electrical generator for a police officer’s wife who was on a mechanical heart while awaiting a heart transplant. The generator was needed at their rural New Hampshire residence for the officer’s wife to be allowed to return home pending heart surgery.
• Financial assistance provided by the Foundation for emergency housing and expenses when a firefighter’s home was completely destroyed by fire rendering the firefighter and his family homeless.
• Financial assistance provided by the Foundation for a 29 year old EMT and his pregnant wife when the EMT suffered three heart attacks in a two month period.
• Financial assistance provided by the Foundation to a firefighter and his family who had lost their home due to mounting hospital bills. The wife of the firefighter had served as a dispatcher for a local police department and had been suffering from a serious lung disease.
• Financial assistance provided by the Foundation to assist a husband and wife, both police officers, with funeral expenses when their four-year-old child died unexpectedly.
• The twelve-year-old son of a Police Officer is a juvenile diabetic. The boy was administering four shots of insulin each day and constantly testing. To improve his long-term prognosis for dealing with the disease his parents were attempting to get him on an insulin pump. The estimated cost was $7000.00, and the insurance would pay only $3500.00. The foundation was able to pay the difference.
• A police detective was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. A year later he was once again diagnosed with cancer with tumors on his lungs, spine and adrenal gland. The local benevolent association pulled together and assisted the family with transportation of the detective’s four sons ages 8 to 16 to school, and extra-curricular activities, prepared meals and helped with housekeeping while his wife drove to and from Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The foundation contributed to the Association to assist the family in this very tragic period.
• A police sergeant and her family lost their home and all belongings to fire. When notified, the foundation contributed to assist the family in getting back on their feet.
First responders are a special breed that are dedicated to serving the public, they normally work for a modest wage, and they run toward situations from which most normal citizens run away. They are heroic and selfless and most of all they are deserving of our support both individually and collectively. New Hampshire’s Police, Fire, and EMS personnel demonstrate, not only by words, but also by action that they are dedicated, selfless professionals. We raise funds through numerous ways like donations and memorial contributions, we have a supporting membership driver each year, and we also sponsor a motorcycle ride the second Saturday of August.

This year we have had to cancel our golf tournament with Special Olympics of New Hampshire, a Golf Tournament each year the end of August, along with a number of other fund raisers that would require gatherings.

As this Foundation and its mission is so important, I decided to post it here, this Motor Cycle Ride is an essential function for the Foundation. I am also hoping to reach out to anyone interested in assisting, volunteering, or otherwise supporting the effort. Please feel free to contact any one of our Board Members.

Board members can be found listed on our web page at www.nhpfef.org. Or calling my line at (603) 513-1798 please leave a message and I will return your call.

The assistance request form is also located at a link on the “Contact Us” page of the website.